Behind The Scenes – Boxing Collection – Part 1

Behind The Scenes – Boxing Collection – Part 1

We’re back at it again, recording a brand new library full of ready-to-use boxing sound effects.

My friend/bandmate Chris and I joined a boxing gym a couple years ago. Though I’ve fallen in and out of the sport, Chris has been passionate about it since the beginning. He’s the one who actually inspired me to start making this library. He’s become a very proficient boxer and I’m lucky to have him on the team.

We’ve been recording the majority of this SFX library at Bloor Street Boxing & Fitness. It’s an enormous boxing gym that grants members 24 hour access to their excellent facilities. I couldn’t ask for a better-equipped place to shoot. With isolation being a priority, we’ve had to shoot crazy late at night to ensure we’re the only ones there. This photo was taken around 4AM after a long night of shooting.

I’m really happy with the way things have been going. A few more days of shooting/editing, and the Boxing SFX Collection will be ready to purchase. I’m f
eeling recharged from the holidays and optimistic for the future. Happy new year!

Ben @ Back Pocket Sound

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