Ildsjel Collective – Crowd Walla + New Libraries

Ildsjel Collective – Crowd Walla + New Libraries

Pardon the radio silence lately. Life took over for a bit but I’m happy to bring some new news.

We have two brand new SFX libraries nearing completion:

Introducing the Boxing Collection:

And the Creatures Collection:

Both to be released in spring, 2019. Shoutout to Dan Sadaba from Sadabots for the great artwork. He’s been a crucial member of the BPS team. Check out his other work:

In other news… I recently attended a cool show at Ildsjel Collective, an art collective/workspace in the east end of Toronto. I was hired to shoot some promo material for the bands leading up to the event. The day of the show I came out with my H6 and camera to do a bit more shooting, and ended up capturing some great crowd walla, and cheers. I’ve added the edited files to the ‘CROWDS – FREE BUNDLE’ on our Free SFX page, along with the crowd SFX from the Samantha Martin Horseshoe show from last year, and a Kalyna Rakel show from a few weeks ago. Definitely would pick them up while you can.

Well.. back to work. Thanks for reading!

Ben @ Back Pocket Sound.

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