Ildsjel Collective – Crowd Walla + New Libraries

Ildsjel Collective – Crowd Walla + New Libraries

Pardon the radio silence lately. Life took over for a bit but I’m happy to bring some new news. We have two brand new SFX libraries nearing completion. Introducing the Boxing Collection:

And the Creatures Collection:

Both to be released in spring, 2019. Shoutout to Dan Sadaba from Sadabots for the great artwork. He’s been a crucial member of the BPS team. Check out his other work:

In other news… I recently attended a cool show at Ildsjel Collective – an art collective/workspace in the east end of Toronto. I was hired to shoot some promo material for the bands leading up to the event. On the day of the show I came out with my H6 and camera to do a bit more shooting, and ended up capturing some great crowd walla, and cheers. I’ve added the edited files to the Crowds category of my Free Sounds page, along with the crowd SFX from the Samantha Martin Horseshoe show from last year, and a Kalyna Rakel show from a few weeks ago. Definitely would pick them up while you can.

Here is one of the promo videos we put together for the event – featuring Cubs Refrain.

Well.. back to work. Thanks for listening.

Ben @ Back Pocket Sound.

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