A new recording endeavour/learning experience.

A new recording endeavour/learning experience.

A month ago: roommate gets a new Ford Ranger.

A week ago: We take a trip up to northern Ontario to start a new sound-recording adventure:

That’s right… Looks like I’m putting together an Off-Roading SFX Library. The goal here is to cover a spectrum of realistic vehicle sounds, as well as enhanced samples made from what I record. Although to be honest, I’m still figuring out what I’m doing out here…

The truth is, I don’t have a lot of experience recording cars. We’ve spent two days on the trails now… and both days I showed up with my H6 and 416 arbitrarily pointing them out the window as we drove through mud, rocks, sand, water and dirt.

Don’t get me wrong… we got some good material. But I’m not confident I’m doing the vehicle justice. I’m missing the sound of the engine, exhaust and overall power. That’s why I’ve decided to up my game the next time we go out, I’ll be investing in more microphones (lavs to clip on to the exhaust and engine), as well as trying out some new vehicular recording techniques inspired by the pros. Here’s a reddit conversation I started on the topic. If you’re interested in field recording, I’d recommend checking out some of the comments.

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