A new chapter…

A new chapter…

Like many all around the world, Covid-19 has changed my life pretty dramatically.

Since April I’ve been working exclusively from home. Doing sound design for commercials and TV shows, composing music and engineering remote sessions with Zoom and Source Connect.

What the change has meant to me is less time and energy spent commuting, a more comfortable working environment, and ultimately more time to work on my personal business and writing endeavours. My company has been kind enough to take me on as Production Music composer. Here’s an example of some of the stockmusic I’ve been working on:

And of course it gives me more time to work on my main side-hustle, Back Pocket Sound. Stoked to keep sharing sounds, and pushing my personal boundaries as a sound recordist.

Give me a shout if you’d like to connect – b.spiller4@gmail.com

Benjamin @ Back Pocket Sound

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