Checking In – Summer / Fall 2020

Checking In – Summer / Fall 2020

Hey everybody. Here’s a summer update – I started a Youtube channel.

The goal is to contextualize the sounds I share, reach a new audience, and document my sound recording adventures. This video was from a trip to Sauble Beach this summer. I found a quiet spot on the beach, and recorded for 45 minutes. It was great how isolated and clear the Lake Huron recordings turned out. I was able to capture four perspectives this particular evening. They’re all free to download here:

Here’s another video:

Seldom do I wake up with a morning to myself, but this Sunday in September I was in that very situation, so I decided to get out and follow some sounds. Before I knew it I was setting up my gear on the side of these train tracks. In the moment the sound of the train took my breath away. Such a powerful force just a few feet away from me, amplified through my headphones. It was exhilarating.

It was also one of the first proper recordings captured on my new handheld recorder:

The Sony PCM D100 has taken things to a new level. The preamps and converters are fantastic, and 192kHz recording brings a depth to my samples and the combination of it all makes every recording feel important. It has done nothing but accelerate my love for field recording and documenting the sounds of the world. Here are some more samples I’ve captured recently with this new recorder:

There’s more to say but I’ll leave it for another day. Thanks for listening.


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