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Swiss Alps | Nighttime Ambiences

Ambience captured in Fiesch Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. These recordings were captured from my hotel balcony overnight

Snow Storm Ambience – Wind Snow Dust

Snow Storm Ambience – Wind Snow Dust. A morning snowfall in Toronto. The sound of powdery snow and blustery winds.

Ontario Countryside Ambience – Cricket Chorus

Here I have several recordings of country ambience recorded off of Lake Simcoe in Ontario Canada. A wide variety of meadow and field ambience samples featuring various crickets, birds and wispy winds

Wind Gusts – Wind Through Trees

Wind Gusts – Wind Through Trees. Large trees in our neighbourhood dancing in the wind on an especially windy night in Toronto. Big wind gusts, leaves rustling, branches swaying, nighttime city residential ambience.

Wind Howl – Nighttime Indoors

One Winter evening I left my Sony PCMD100 rolling overnight, and captured some sweet interior wind howling. This sample is an edit of the best and most chilling howls between 2am and 5am.