Category: Ambience

Trailer Park – Early Morning Ambience

Early Morning – Trailer Park Ambience. The soundscape of an early May morning at the Port Glasgow trailer park. This recording was taken at 5:30AM, and it’s pretty wild how many birds showed up to the party.

Dark City – Nighttime Ambience

Dark City – Nighttime Ambience. Toronto nighttime ambience captured on four different days from our recording studio across the lake. Each file offers different textures in the weather and surrounding environment. To me they all read dark and dystopian. Dark City – Nighttime Ambience Microphone – Sony PCMD100 Stereo Audio – 24bit/192kHz Looking for more…
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Campfire Ambiences

Three campfire sound samples from this year. Featuring different pits, fire sizes, and surrounding ambiences.

Quiet Lake – Early Morning Ambience

A quiet lake in northern Ontario. Recorded in the morning with my Sony PCMD100.

Midnight Residential Ambience

An HD recording of a quiet residential neighbourhood, captured at midnight. Featuring nighttime insects, wind through trees, and a quiet distant cityscape.