Category: Crowds/Walla

Horseshoe Tavern – Crowd Reactions – Cheering / Walla

Horseshoe Tavern – Crowd Reactions – Cheering / Walla. This download contains 8 HD recordings of the crowd throughout a night at the Horseshoe Tavern. Featuring various cheers, chants, applause and some great after-show walla.

Theatre Crowd Reactions – Clapping/Cheering

Theatre Crowd Reactions – Clapping/Cheering. Several crowd reactions from a great sounding theatre. Around 100 people clapping, cheering, booing, laughing, mixed reactions, and more.

Covid Crowd Cheering/Walla

A covid crowd is a small group of people in a large space. These recordings are from a concert in the heart of the pandemic. 50 people in a 700 seat venue.

Toronto Music Club – Crowds

Music Club Crowds – HD audio samples taken at various music clubs around Toronto. Varying crowd sizes from small to large.

Warehouse Cheering and Walla

A concert in a big concrete warehouse, captured with my Zoom H6. Free HD download of various cheers, and a wealth of walla.