Category: Free Sounds

Bug Zapper – Glitch Sounds

A sound sample of moths flying into a friend’s Bug Zapper. Electric shock sounds. Electrical current + glitch SFX.

Covid Crowd – Cheering/Walla

A covid crowd is a small group of people in a large space. These recordings are from a concert in the heart of the pandemic. 50 people in a 700 seat venue.

Toronto Music Clubs – Crowds

Music Club Crowds – HD audio samples taken at various music clubs around Toronto. Varying crowd sizes from small to large.

Hound Dog – Howls

Free howl/bark sound effects, featuring Bones the hound dog. Also includes samples of him waiting for food, and running around the yard.

Country Highway – Passbys

Three HD recordings of a country highway in Southern Ontario. Four lanes, medium traffic, cars going 100km/hr.

QEW Highway

An overhead perspective of Toronto’s QEW during rush hour. 3 HD audio files.

Kayak Ambience

The sound of being out on a kayak. Water lapping, lake ambience.

Cans and Bottles

A big foley pack, featuring various bottle and can opens, and pouring drinks into glasses.

Art Collective – Cheering/Walla

A concert in a big concrete warehouse, captured with my Zoom H6. Free HD download of various cheers, and a wealth of walla.

Boxing – Free Pack

This is a sample SFX pack taken from our complete Boxing Collection. This pack offers 16 HD audio samples that feature bag-work, pad-work and various punches.