Category: Water

Atlantic Ocean | A Coruña Spain

Sound samples of waves lapping on the shore of A Coruña, a coastal city on the west coast of Spain.

Sauble Beach – Springtime Ambience

Sauble Beach – Springtime Ambience. These recordings were taken in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada in early spring 2022.

Lake Simcoe – Soothing Waves

A few sound samples of Lake Simcoe late at night in the middle of summer. Gentle waves hitting the sand, distant crickets in the background, all with a calm nighttime presence.

Kayak Ambience – Lake Sounds

The sound of being out on a kayak. Water lapping, lake ambience.

Waterfall Recordings – Bruce Region

Various waterfall recordings from a trip to the Bruce Region this summer. 5 HD files available for download. Free to use on any project.

Lake Huron – Summer Evening Ambience

This download offers four recordings of Lake Huron on a warm summer evening. Recorded in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada.

Desolate Lake – Fall Ambience

A recording of a desolate Lake Erie on a cold fall day.