Segura Gunung – Between The Mountain And The Sea

Segura Gunung – Between The Mountain And The Sea

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Happy to share a special new project. Segura Gunung is a film about a legacy that was left behind in Bali, Indonesia.

Back in December I was contacted by Stephen Coleman – an old client and friend. Stephen is a Canadian filmmaker/director, and the last time we spoke we were working on his latest feature film, Project Cold Days. PCD is an award winning documentary that takes an in-depth look at homelessness in Ottawa. I had the great pleasure of doing the sound design and mix on this film. “Suffering from mental health issues and addictions, a diverse homeless population struggles to survive the winter in the coldest capital city in the world.”

In December 2021 – four years after the release of Project Cold Days, Stephen reached out to tell me about his new project. He told me that he moved to Bali a few years prior to start a new life journey. He fell in love with the community of a small town called Kelecung and was inspired to shoot his second feature film. I’m happy to share with you the official trailer for Segura Gunung – Between The Mountain And The Sea:

This trailer was created by Stephen Coleman. Original music by Benjamin Wright. Sound design by Emily Goguen, and additional sound design and mix by myself. I’m thankful to be involved in this impactful project with such a great team, and we’re looking forward to getting started on the feature later this Spring. Thank you for reading – subscribe to Lex Film on Youtube to stay updated with Stephen’s films.