Summer/Fall 2020 – Part 2

Summer/Fall 2020 – Part 2

The name of the game over these last few months has been building and rounding out the Back Pocket Sound SFX library. As of writing this I’m at 784 sounds. The video content has been a great way to keep me motivated and take a little extra care and thought into the things I record.

Furthermore, the videos help me document my efforts, and inspire me to go through greater lengths getting the recordings. They’re also helping contextualize the recordings I share. I’ve found great joy connecting with a new audience via sound communities on Reddit.

I work in post-sound, and I’ve had the privilege of using Back Pocket Sound SFX in various commercials, TV shows, and films over the last couple years. It really is the best feeling when a sound you recorded works well in a project, and it makes the client happy knowing they’re getting an authentic product in their sound design.

If you’re a sound designer, field recordist, student, or audio enthusiast and you’ve made it this far, I’d like to connect. Feel free to shoot me an email through my contact page, and I’ll send you some sounds. You can also check out the Free Sounds page on my site for over 10GB of free downloads. Hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Till next time.


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