Sound Libraries

Ambience Collection

A large collection of stereo ambience samples recorded across Canada. Featuring the sounds of lakes, forests, meadows, parks, storms, cities, highways, and more.

Back Pocket Sound - Ambience Collection
Back Pocket Sound - Foley Collection

Foley Collection

A large collection of foley I’ve recorded over the last few years. Features various doors, drawers, cupboards, switches, tools and appliances, cans and bottles, object handling, and more. 

Foley by definition is the reproduction of everyday sounds, performed and synced to existing picture. My goal with this collection is to pad your library with various sounds that would typically be recorded in a foley pass, with lots of variation in each sound to fit multiple moods and situations.


Boxing Collection

A small collection of boxing bag-work and pad-work, recorded at our boxing gym over a couple late nights. This collection features 7 bags, 3 pads, glove handling, body falls, and more.

Back Pocket Sound - Boxing Collection
Skateboarding Sound Effects - Skating SFX LIbrary

Skateboarding Collection

A collection of skateboarding sounds. Featuring various Grinds, Flip Tricks, Transition, Manuels and Riding on different surfaces. Recorded over three months, at several different skateparks/spots.